We design and build amazing responsive SharePoint experiences.

We can help. Our staff of information architects, creative designers, and skilled developers know how to turn your SharePoint intranet or website into something truly unique.

Discover SharePoint's hidden potential


Our teams work together to DISCOVER your business, your goals, and your people. We craft unique solutions that empower SharePoint to work for you.


Everything we do is driven by user research. Our skilled information architects use ethnographic research techniques to personify your audiences and ORGANIZE your content.


Our talented user experience artists DESIGN and plan beautiful SharePoint themes that radiate with a unique sense of personality and subtle detail.


We DEVELOP hand-crafted solutions from the ground up. With an eye turned to even the tiniest of details, we pride ourselves on the polished and cohesive experiences that we build.


Our standards-compliant front-end solutions provide ACCESS to users of all kinds. From search optimization to screen reader keyboard control, your SharePoint content is open to anyone, anywhere.


We create lightweight solutions that EXCEL in bringing content to your users as fast as possible. We use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to enhance the out-of-the-box SharePoint experience.


Our SharePoint themes RESPOND to an ever-changing mobile landscape. Responsive design techniques allow your content to shine on the screens of today, and adapt to the devices of tomorrow.


Your SharePoint experience should be easy, findable, and self-sustaining. Through thoughtful design and planning, we build websites and intranets that entice users to ADOPT, discover, and collaborate.

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Introducing SharePoint Engineer

In this introduction to SharePoint Engineer, author Kyle Schaeffer demonstrates the basic features of the application and provides insight into the driving force behind Engineer's creation.

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SharePoint UX Design — Part Two: Creative Design

This is the second video in a multi-part series in which designer Kyle Schaeffer demonstrates the entire SharePoint user experience design process from beginning to end. In this video, Kyle builds upon the previously completed website wireframes to create fully detailed desktop and mobile design compositions depicting the SharePoint home page.

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