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SharePoint UX Design — Part Two: Creative Design

This is the second video in a multi-part series in which designer Kyle Schaeffer demonstrates the entire SharePoint user experience design process from beginning to end. In this video, Kyle builds upon the previously completed website wireframes to create fully detailed desktop and mobile design compositions depicting the SharePoint home page.

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SharePoint UX Design — Part One: Wireframes

This is the first of several posts in a video series detailing the SharePoint user experience design process from beginning to end. Designer Kyle Schaeffer begins the creative process with quickly drafted wireframes crafted in our very own QuirkTools Wires.

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  • We have raved over our project and how painless it was. We truly could not have asked for a better experience.
  • The process for our project worked so well for us. The Association has struggled in the past to find a process that works for our tech projects.
  • We never felt overwhelmed. Kyle’s team listened to our feedback and responded quickly and appropriately.
  • This was the smoothest website development project, from start to finish, that I have ever experienced.
  • The kickoff activities were very useful in not only helping you understand our requirements but in helping us to better understand them, too.

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